Shiftcrypt online interface

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Our web interface gives integrated access to individual predictors, and includes a novel feature to explore prediction-based 'biophysical variation' of proteins from a multiple sequence alignment (the complete list of the our software tools is available here).

Upload a NEF or NMR-STAR file:






Select model to use:

  •  Enable the compression of chemical shift information for proteins into single per-residue values that reflect the in-solution biophysical properties of those residues
  •  Up to 50 sequences
  •  Min. 5 residues per sequence
  •  Supported format(s): NEF, NMR-Star
  •  Predictions: ShiftCrypt score

This page will only run Shiftcrypt. In case you need to run multiple predictions at the same time, please click on the following button:

Run multiple predictors

Alternative methods

This tools are also available directly through an REST API, find the guidelines and examples on the API documentation section. In addition, we provide a Python Package with all our tools (Single Sequence, MSA, and general tools such as parsing and plotting) to enable you to integrate these predictors in your pipelines.

For more information, please visit our site on the Python Package Index: b2BTools package.

Further information

Please read the usage guidelines provided on the tutorial section.

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