Bio2Byte SARS-CoV-2

Sequence-based predictions for the characteristics of the proteins that compose the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19

SARS-CoV-2 protein entries (27 in total)

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ORF Name RefSeq ID Uniprot ID Sequence Length Protein Category
(S)pike YP_009724390 P0DTC2 1273 structural
(E)nvelope YP_009724392 P0DTC4 75 structural
(M)embrane YP_009724393 P0DTC5 222 structural
(N)ucleocapsid YP_009724397 P0DTC9 419 structural
Nsp1 YP_009725297 180 non-structural
Nsp2 YP_009725298 638 non-structural
Nsp3 YP_009725299 1945 non-structural
Nsp4 YP_009725300 500 non-structural
Nsp5 YP_009725301 306 non-structural
Nsp6 YP_009725302 290 non-structural
Nsp7 YP_009725303 83 non-structural
Nsp8 YP_009725304 198 non-structural
Nsp9 YP_009725305 113 non-structural
Nsp10 YP_009725306 139 non-structural
Nsp12 YP_009725307 932 non-structural
Nsp13 YP_009725308 601 non-structural
Nsp14 YP_009725309 527 non-structural
Nsp15 YP_009725310 346 non-structural
Nsp16 YP_009725311 298 non-structural
ORF3a YP_009724391 P0DTC3 275 accessory